Regional Director

Full Time

Location: Fridley, MN & surrounding area

Hours of Position: Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm

Compensation: Depending on qualifications



The Regional Director will supervise and oversee all operations within a region of the company.  They are responsible for day-to-day productivity and efficiency with all operations working out of the regional office. They will seek out new growth and development opportunities to better the agency and services provided.  This person will be active in the community through public relations, networking, legislative advocacy, etc.  Overall, they will assure our missions are followed to enhance the lives of those who are aging and/or have a disability.


Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  1. Supervise and be responsible for all personnel in the regional office. Participate in hiring, training, support, performance management and evaluation of day to day operations.
  2. Responsible for administration of overall operation of the regional office, including quality assurance, ensuring contractual obligations are being fulfilled; allocating resources for greater program effectiveness and efficiency, etc.
  3. Maintain positive community relations with counties, hospitals, treatment centers, neighbors, landlords, extended support teams, provider networks, etc.
  4. Participate in networking and legislative actions to advocate on behalf of services provided.
  5. Implement quality assurance measures for all services provided; assure agency targets are being met and/or implement action plans to improve compliance.
  6. Identify areas of need and write protocols to provide support and promote continuity; communicating with the Executive Director and requesting resources when appropriate.
  7. Review financial reports, following up on any discrepancies from the designated budget.
  8. Assist in strategic planning for development and growth of AHL Healthcare Group; Research and propose opportunities for development and expansion of services
  9. Give direction and leadership towards the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives
  10. Responsible for providing information for the development of policies and procedures.
  11. Responsible for overall leadership of staff to implement short- and long-range plans/goals.
  12. Oversees marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs and services, making recommendations for change as needed.
  13. Oversees an appropriate organizational structure and ensures that the programmatic objectives are supported internally: ie: housing, maintenance, technology, finances, communication, etc.
  14. Monitor licensing requirements and participate in audits when needed
  15. Protects the agencies legal interests and maintains its operations within the law; works with outside counsel to obtain opinions or handle claims and litigation.
  16. Oversees the human resources functions within accordance to state/federal employment laws to include but not limited to monitoring performance of all employees, acknowledge when termination is warranted, and implement necessary actions for unemployment claims.
  17. Meet with Directors/Managers 1:1 at least monthly and organize meetings as needed.
  18. Monitor performance of all employees and acknowledge when termination is warranted, always maintaining accordance with state and federal employment laws.
  19. Maintain an environment that attracts, keeps and motivates a diverse staff of top-quality individuals.
  20. Attend/provide training as requested and within required time guidelines.
  21. Promote a team environment, keeping others up-to-date on changes and encouraging input from all.
  22. Assist staff and residents with trouble-shooting unexpected issues that arise (ie: client behavior, changes in the schedule, open positions, medical needs, incidents, etc.)
  23. Monitor scheduling, OT, tardiness and overall payroll
  24. Other duties as assigned.



  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Human Services, or related degree
  • 3+ years supervisory experience working with persons with disabilities
  • Ability to pass MVR check, maintain a valid driver’s license and insurance and a state background check clearance
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret business information, financial reports, legal documents, technical procedures, and governmental regulations
  • Must be able to effectively and professionally present information in both large and small groups and maintain a positive public image
  • Effective organization, ability to manage time and meet deadlines is necessary
  • Must be able to make independent decisions based upon standard policies and procedures, as well as use good judgment in day-to-day activities
  • Reliability, dependability, and flexibility are necessary for success in this position


Full-time employees are eligible for group medical insurance contribution, employee-paid group dental and supplement insurance, paid time off (PTO) accrual, company-paid holidays, performance-based increases, bonuses, and more.

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