We Are a Place Called Home

I picked to work for AHL Healthcare Group because I loved the positive atmosphere and thought it was noticeable at all levels. People smiled, people were helpful, people were upbeat, people were genuine, people were fun and most importantly, people cared! Other companies talked the talk, but never walked the walk. I feel like I’m a part of something greater in this field and that really makes me feel like I can make a difference. I was hired into a family, not just into a company. One thing that impressed me most about AHL Healthcare Group during the interview process was the attitude of the person conducting the interview. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with job satisfaction. Now that I’ve been with AHL Healthcare group for 3 years, I can tell you that this was the right choice for me and I enjoy my job. I have experienced firsthand how it is to work for a place that cares for their clients as well as their staff and management and that feels great! Thank you!

Angel Fawcett
Program Coordinator, Woodland

At Home Living has shown great care and compassion for our family member. Staff regularly received training specific to challenges that come up in this line of work. Management is well qualified to successfully manage the issues that arise. It’s apparent that you care about the person being served.

Family Member
Has a loved one at At Home Living

I have worked for this company for about a year and I have honestly never worked with more caring staff. I have about 6 years of experience in the field and I’ve never worked with any company that cares more for its clients and their well-being. At home living is a wonderful company that will truly look out for your loved ones and make sure that their lives are as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Damien Lassard
DSP, Rustic Ranch

The hours are good. Management is flexible with shifts. The clients and co-workers are great. There are a lot of fun activities that you get to do with your clients. The company shows compassion for the clients and employees.

Lisa Schulties
DSP, Rustic Ranch

I immigrated in 1977 from New Brunswick, Canada. I did most of my schooling in the U.S. and enjoyed people. I am a visual learner and pick things up fast when shown and then given the opportunity to do the task myself. I have been challenged in my position here at AHL At Home Living. After raising six special needs children and still having two under our care with my beloved wife we have made a difference in their lives and they have given back to us in our relationships. Relationship in community is the best way to ground ourselves and to learn from others. I have received excellent training here at AHL and every day is a new learning experience. The best way to get out of my own struggles is to get into someone else’s struggles. It seems we are masters of everybody else’s problems, when we accept help with our own, we are solution oriented which helps free ourselves of struggles. Instead we work solutions, if we talk about differences between ourselves and other’s we separate ourselves from one another. When we look at similarities we come together with a new understanding and hope that we will overcome. Staff here at Rustic Ranch have challenged me in my position here and I have learned to work out the emotional load by digging in and doing the work. I take pride in the cares I deliver here and the cleaning that helps alleviate emotions, processing and breaking through the emotional load that I carry at times. I have found facing the fear is the way to overcome it. The challenges and anxiousness around med pass is confronted by doing it. Then getting into keeping busy, helps, suggestions, and team work with unlimited communication is the way to conquer our fear. I am delighted to be working here for AHL At Home Living and will continue to overcome with the help of management, coworkers, and clients. Alone I am one, United we will overcome.

Brian Teskey
DSP, Rustic Ranch

I have been working at At Home Living for over two years now, but when I first applied I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t sure what to really expect. I mean…What is a DSP anyways? It turned out to be one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever had. I really love it! Each one of the clients have a special place in my heart. It feels good to have such a meaningful job. My boss is amazing and my co-workers are truly awesome people.

Tammy Hudalla
DSP, Two Harbors Cottage B

When I first came on at At Home Living I wasn’t sure of what to expect after working in Nursing homes and elder Care for 10 years. I was Amazed at how young and knowledgeable the Administrators were. I’ve been with the Company for over two years now and I learn something new about someone or something every day. I love how the Supervisors want to hear input from other staff and clients. I also love how the person-Centered approach is at the heart of all we do. thank you At Home Living for being a great place to Work, Live, and Grow.

Dodie Coker
DSP, Pike Lake

At Home Living is by far the best company I have ever worked for. I’ve been here for around 5 months, and in that time, I have grown to love my job more than I thought I ever could. We are so flexible when it comes to schedules, and we get to participate in lots of exciting activities with our clients, so they stay involved in the communities that they live in. At Home Living is not your average workplace. I invite you to come see for yourself.

Sabrina Gow
DSP, Pike Lake

My brother has been a resident at the Viking residence for almost 4 years now. After living with his parents his whole life and then one his sisters after our mother died it was a huge change for him! At the age of 59 his whole life changed. And it has been the best thing for him! Mary Zamora and all the staff have been so supportive to him. They have given him consistency and discipline in his daily life. He always looks forward to overnights with his siblings but is always content to go home (Viking Group Home). Says a lot for the staff! And I must say the house sparkles! It is always so clean! I so appreciate his environment there.

Our family is thankful our brother has a safe and more important a caring group of people in his home at the Viking Group home.

Kulleen Hatcher
Sister of Charles Casey

At Home Living has been fantastic with my clients! The care AHL and their staff provide is unprecedented! I can’t say enough good things about the sense of community AHL offers. I as a case manager am thankful to know that when my clients are in an AHL house, it’s their home and it’s treated as such; it’s not just another group living facility. I continuously hear good things from my clients about AHL and will continue to look to them for clients in need of care.

Chelsea Bednar
Anoka County Adult Mental Health

AHL helps their clients maintain their independence while remaining in the community through their dedicated staff, oversight of programs, and detail – orientated plans for each client. Clients enjoy several activities each month and truly feel “at home” while living with AHL. The staff and Program Leads make each house feel like the client’s home instead of a place of business for the company. AHL caters to individual client needs, working in coordination with the multiple teams involved to meet the needs of each person they serve. Openings are infrequent, which is a clear indication that AHL works hard at ensuring client needs are being met while the client enjoys where they live. I cannot recommend AHL fast enough to anyone who is searching for a Corporate Foster Care placement!

County Case Manager

The AHL Staff are nice kind hearted people. I love living at the Woodland house and would not chose to move to a different company. The owner is a great man too.

Scott Gillespie
Client, Woodland Program